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华晨宇 邓紫棋《光年之外》 - 单曲纯享《歌手2018》EP13 Singer 2018【歌手官方频道】

Download video 华晨宇 邓紫棋《光年之外》 - 单曲纯享《歌手2018》EP13 Singer 2018【歌手官方频道】 with Mp4 Mp3 format only in [Video]
Name:华晨宇 邓紫棋《光年之外》 - 单曲纯享《歌手2018》EP13 Singer 2018【歌手官方频道】
Duration:4 mnt 38 dtk
Published:13 April 2018
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Episode 13 Performance Schedule:

腾格尔 Tengger & 吴碧霞 Wu Bixia 《九儿、你大胆的往前走》 ​​​​
Jessie J & 李玟 Coco Lee《Bang Bang》Featuring: KZ Tandingan
霍尊 Henry Huo & 韩雪 Han Xue 《飘雪》​​​​
张韶涵 Angela Chang & 毛不易 Mao Buyi《花房姑娘》
汪峰 Wang Fang & 谭维维 Tan Weiwei《Hey Jude》
李泉 James Li & 陈洁仪 Kit Chan《Endless Love》 ​​
华晨宇 Hua Hua & 鄧紫棋 《光年之外》 ​​​​

Singer 2018 Complete Episode Playlist:

"The Singer" is returning on 1st January 2018 and this year's singers are both versatile and international! This episode's line-up would be: Chinese Rock Singer - Wang Feng, Actress Singer - Angela Chang, Super STAR - Jessie J, Taiwanese Singer - Sam Lee, Chinese Folk singer - Li Xiaodong, New Singer Juno and Hua Chenyu

Singer 2018 is the second season of Chinese television series Singer, a rebranded version of I Am a Singer that will air on Hunan Television. It is produced by Hong Tao, and its music director is Hong Kong senior musician Kubert Leung.

Singer 2018 will be aired on YouTube at 7am (PST, UTC-8) every Friday

■□Revise the previous SINGER and I AM SINGER shows■□

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