Om Shanti

Om Shanti 2010

Om Shanti (Telugu: ఓం శాంతి) is a 2010 Telugu film directed by Prakash Dantuluri released on 13 January 2010.[1]. It stars Navdeep and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles, making it their third film together. Bindu Madhavi, Aditi Sharma, Nikhil Siddharth, and Madhavan play supporting roles. This film released with a lot of hype but failed to make a mark at the box office.


Pharos 2018

“You don’t have to say everything to be a light. Sometimes a fire built on a hill will bring interested people to your campfire.” ― Shannon L. Alder


TIME 1975

Micro text film of the Nov. 1974 issue of U.S. magazine Time cover to cover.

Call Her Ganda

Call Her Ganda 2018

Grassroots activists in the Philippines are spurred into action when a local transgender woman is found dead in a motel room with a 19-year-old U.S. marine as the leading suspect. As they demand answers and a just trial, hidden histories of U.S. colonization come bubbling to the surface.

Paadha Kaanikkai

Paadha Kaanikkai 1962

Paadha Kaanikkai (English: Offering to the feet) is a 1962 Tamil-language drama film directed by K. Shankar. The film features Gemini Ganesan, Savitri, M. R. Radha and Kamal Haasan in lead roles. The film, produced by G. N. Velumani, had musical score by Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy and was released on 28 September 1962.

Amma Ponnu

Amma Ponnu 1993

Amma Ponnu (English: Mother's daughter) is a 1993 Tamil romantic drama film directed by Arun. The film features Vignesh and newcomer Akhila in the lead roles, with Nagesh, K. R. Vijaya, Goundamani, Senthil, Ponvannan and Nandagopal playing supporting roles. The film, produced by Kovai M. Murugesan, had musical score by Ekandhan and was released on 9 April 1993.

The Bromley  Boys

The Bromley Boys

A boy, a girl, and the worst football team in Britain. You can't choose who you're going to fall in love with.

Velum Mayilum Thunai

Velum Mayilum Thunai 1979

Velum Mayilum Thunai (English: Support with Spear and Peacock) is a 1979 Tamil Hindu devotional film directed and written by Ra. Sankaran with dialogue by Rajasekaran. The film was produced by Ra. Ma. Narayanan and Vijayalakshmi Subramaniyam. The music was composed by Shankar - Ganesh. The film stars M. R. Radha(dual role) and Baby Sudha.

The Eagle and the Sun

The Eagle and the Sun 1973

FPJ and Joseph "Erap" Estrada team up in Ang Agila At Ang Araw, an action-packed classic. Ang Agila At Ang Araw revolves around themes of justice and revenge, as an honest doctor (FPJ) gets wrongfully accused of a crime. He then crosses paths with a rebel and freedom fighter (Estrada). The two team up as fugitives on the run, realizing that they must work together if they are to survive.

Agila ng Maynila

Agila ng Maynila 1988

Mauro Reyes (Fernando Poe Jr.) is an ex-policeman tag as a sharpshooter to the lawbreaker that managed to cope up with the death of his family and became a rescuer ... In the verge of adversity that has happened to his family, he became so depressed, self-centered and hopeless in lif, until a heinous felony re-awakened his identity. Due to the different rape slays and murders that had arise in their place, he tried to unveil the hidden mystery of the cases... discovering in the end the involvement of the law enforcer in the transgression. Will he be able to resolve everything even if he's an ex-policeman?


Rakthabandham 1951

Ravi, Appu and Valsala are members of ‘Thamarasserry’, an ancient family in Kerala. On Valsala’s wedding day, the bridegroom Vijayan is arrested by the police, who charge a murder case against him.

Wanted: Pamilya Banal

Wanted: Pamilya Banal 1989

When Victor Banal (FPJ) becomes the target of his cruel step-mother and brother's evil plot to rob him of his inheritance, he must desperately fight to defend his family against the gunmen hired to end their lives.