Smart Money

Smart Money 1986

Leon, a hacker convicted for a crime he did not commit, escapes from detention centre following the death of his father, to take revenge on the man who really did it.

Tell Gordon Hello

Tell Gordon Hello

Tell Gordon Hello was spawned off of Morgan Rodner's love of two things: film and comics. During a writer's block that all artists come across at some point in their lifetime, Rodner met Paul Louis Harrell while directing another short film. Rodner soon discovered that Harrell had a pastime of playing the Joker on Hollywood Blvd for tips which was the catalyst that put the wheels into motion for Tell Gordon Hello. - Written by Morgan Rodner

The Black Wall

The Black Wall 1989

A young gang member, discontented with his life, but not knowing how to sever ties with the gang he has grown up with is told he can only leave the gang by death. Starring and Directed by Lau Ga Yung of the Lau Brothers action family.

Double Take

Double Take

14 years ago, disgraced architect John Dieb was jailed by Detective Torres for a diamond heist he swears he never committed. Now paroled, John reconnects with his estranged daughter, Samantha, but lands in Torres's crosshairs once again when a new diamond goes missing. Hauled in for interrogation, John must turn the tables on Torres and prove his innocence of both crimes if he ever hopes to see his daughter again.

The Veiled

The Veiled

As a daughter grinds away as caretaker for her father she discovers some memories are best left hidden under the veil of dementia.

Maux Croisés

Maux Croisés 1989

It looks as though Inspector Lavardin is having a holiday for once. Look at him taking the waters in Montecatini, Italy. But don't be fooled, the French sleuth is on duty as usual; he even works for Interpol this time. The objective of his investigation is Ruggero Anello, an Italian millionaire who, besides owning a big shoe company, is suspected of being the leader of an arms trafficking network. But what Lavardin had not expected is that Claire Anello, Ruggero's wife and successful crime novelist, would be murdered at the hotel where he is staying...

Fists for Revenge

Fists for Revenge 1974

3 felons facing the death penalty, escape the night before they are due to be executed and plot their revenge on the people that put them there.Prepare for the hardest hitting martial art action that never stops.