Church of Blow

Church of Blow

Jeremiah McDonald performs as a performer performing as a self-consciously performative would-be cult leader in an anthology of darkly comic fictional YouTube vlogs, exploring the performative and metafictional nature of YouTube vlogging as it was developing as an art form and means of communication.

Magic Amethyst

Magic Amethyst 1990

Here's a fast paced action/comedy about a young couple who inadvertently are target of a blood cult from india when a dying hindu priest entrusts them with a sacred statue.


Nocturno 1974

After the death of his beloved wife, a nobleman from northern Croatia turns to spiritualism refusing to accept that she's gone. She begins to appear in his presence and he starts to believe that she's alive.

Brutal Sorcery

Brutal Sorcery 1983

The story of demonic possession by black magic where the loyal and faithful taxi driver and husband Alan Chang is dragged into a pit of adultery and despair in his vain attempt to overthrow the bestial influences of 'brutal sorcery' or should I say black magic. He picks up a pair of ghostly lovers separated and forced to travel from two cemeteries to meet up. The ghosts put a curse on the taxi driver. He has to get their remains to the female ghost's sister living in Thailand.After the brief affair with the woman she puts another curse on Alan

The White Fox

The White Fox 1979

Story of two white foxes who repeatedly changed into human form to do good unto others.

Revenge of Nini Towok

Revenge of Nini Towok 1982

Narsih covets Gondo’s, the rubber plantation owner, wealth, so she gets the help of a shaman. Gondo’s wife, Sundari, is hexed. Her face is deformed and soon she is abandoned by her husband. Narsih is able to marry Gondo but has not managed to get rid of her husband and his daughter, Ratri, yet. Sundari becomes a disciple of another shaman. She seeks revenge by killing Narsih and the others.

Frightened To Death

Frightened To Death 1987

An angry wife and her lover attempt to frighten her husband in a remote cabin, but rendezvous with a killer instead.

Mark of Cain

Mark of Cain 1986

A couple live in an old, isolated mansion. The husband's murderous, insane twin escapes from a lunatic asylum. The cops haul off the wrong twin and the wife is stuck with the killer.


Uruvam 1991

A curse placed on a family who come to live in a new house by the sea.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon 1989

Anne is convinced she has found her husband's corpse, but Dr. Mark can only find out that the man has gone home. When he comes back, his wife does not trust Mark, who believes she suffers from schizophrenia.

First Glance

First Glance

A group of teens go on a road trip for the three day weekend and they come across a small town in Pennsylvania. When they leave things are not what they seem to be.