Una historia de Reyes Magos

Una historia de Reyes Magos 1987

Animated documentary that collects the Christian tradition of the visit of the Three Wise Men to the manger where Jesus was born and adds elements typical of Puerto Rican national folklore.


Põld 1978

A black/white world, slow heavy labor, each frame crossfaded into next.

fun on mars

fun on mars 1971

"I made this film when I went to the San Francisco Art Institute, after graduating from Smith a semester early. It was my reaction to California. "Sweeping the Clouds Away" is sung by Charles "Buddy" Rodgers, who was Mary Pickford's husband. huh? who? The doctored photo was of an astronaut on the moon-- I thought he looked like a duck and made him one. From 1971... yikes!"

Bill and Bunny

Bill and Bunny 1986

Bill is on cloud nine. He has just become a big brother to the lovley Bolla. At first she seems like any other toddler, curious, jovial and sweet. But as the months turn into years and Bolla continues to live in a world of her own, it becomes clear that she is not quite like other children. Based on the book by Gunilla Bergström, creator and author of the Alfons Åberg (Alfie Atkins) books.

The Secrete of Life

The Secrete of Life 1971

Filmed with hand-painted cut-out paper characters and background sets. Rated X for violence, nudity and sexual activities by paper people. "The film takes you into the repressed areas of the psyche, the dark regions of the soul. It is a trip deep into the self, beyond the limits of conventional morality where good and evil merge into one. There are no governing laws at this level of the mind and that is the terror and its fascination." -David Bienstock, Curator of Film, Whitney Museum of American Art, 1972

The Elf and the Robot

The Elf and the Robot

The Elf and the Robot is the the magical tale of a mischievous little toy who escapes from his box before Christmas morning. How will Santa's little helper manage to get him back in?


Affinities 1972

A ballet of squares and octagons in many forms, exhibiting a variety of geometric and sometimes sensuous interactions.

Magical Girls Club Foursome: Alien from Space A

Magical Girls Club Foursome: Alien from Space A 1987

Yuu, Persia, Mai and Yumi are together in a science fiction-like adventure. An awful monster assault young and beautiful girls, leaving them transformed into ugly hags: only our four magical girls with their powers can fly to the space and fight for Earth 's sake, so Yuu transforms into Creamy Mami, Mai into Magical Emi, Persia into Fairy and little Yumi draws space suits for all of them.

Igor Stravinsky: The Paris Years Chez Pleyel 1920-1929

Igor Stravinsky: The Paris Years Chez Pleyel 1920-1929 1982

Igor: The Paris Years, one segment of a larger biographical program created for Channel 4 on the life and times of Igor Stravinsky, finds the brothers working in a slightly different vein than the one that would come to characterize their later work. This is the first section, which covers the pianist’s “French period” from roughly 1920-1939, and it details, among other things, his connection with Jean Cocteau (who, as a matter of fact, contributes voice work to this project). Filtered through gonzo and impressionistic puppetry (often bearing strong resemblance to the work of Terry Gilliam), the film takes an unconventional and often beautiful stab at the television biography special.